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September 8, 2011

Job Advice in Kenya – Recruitment Tips Recruiters Want You to Know

Do your homework before meeting with our recruiter. Read the job description for the position on our recruitment site. It will give you an accurate picture of the job, its background and its challenges. If necessary, broaden the scope of your research by talking to a graduate of your school who works at The Company or Firm you are willing to work with.

Be willing to relocate

Think about what mobility at The Company or Firm you are willing to work with actually means. There are both advantages and demands. For example, if the position involves working in a specific country, learn everything you can about its climate, culture, customs, religions and other features. For a generic job posting, find out about all our host countries.

Show that you an adapt to different situations

Show that you’re adaptable and can deal with unplanned events in specific or unexpected contexts. If something similar has happened to you before, tell our recruiter about it. Adaptability is essential at The Company or Firm you are willing to work with: there’s a strong chance you’ll start your career in one professional field and end up in another.

Demonstrate your social skills

Show that you can get along in a community, even under extreme conditions. If, for example, you are called upon to work on a platform for four weeks, you must maintain a positive attitude and be an impeccable team player, no matter what’s going on.

Talk about your multicultural experiences

If you have multicultural experience through a job or sports or leisure activity, mention it to our recruiter. At The Company or Firm you are willing to work with , you have to be able to adapt to a multicultural environment — and especially multicultural management — regardless of the country you’re working in.

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